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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

well-p. It finally happened a broken limb. not too shabby for having a bunch of boys. Poor Britt though...teeth knocked out at 2 years old (remember this?) & now at 6 a broken arm in 2 places. He is a big trooper though! Part of that comes from his fear of medicine & all things doctor related (ironic, I know) he will lie till he is blue in the face...or in this case white as a ghost to ensure he wont need a trip to the doctors.  After Britt fell off the monkey bars at school he was taken to the nurse's office & of course told her he felt just fine (Mrs. P knows Britt all too well with his daily episodes of nose bleeds & head bonks) but she saw it in his face & then checked his arm. Sure enough looked like a break. Poor Rod was on nights & was in bed snoozing in preparation for another night. He got up, through on some clothes & went to get Britt from school. They went out for lunch & then he brought him home...which confused me...but Rod is a wait & see kind of guy. We gave him some Tylenol & waited for it to kick in before Rod un wrapped the splint. It took only a moment before Rod told me to get Britt's shoes.  Rod called ahead to some of his orthopedic & radiology buddies. The boy got Popsicles & stickers & several rounds of X-rays. I was at home with the other children so Rod kept me up to date with photos & facetime. I wanted to be with our buddy, but  Rod was better suited for this sort-a thing. It is his work place after all. 10 hours later they were home exhausted & wanting ice cream. made for an exciting start to a 3 day weekend. we of course decorated the living room for our buddy & Maddox drew some fantastic depictions of the days happenings. The neighborhood kiddos were knocking to get first dibs on signing his blue cast. 
he felt very loved after a long day. 

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allegra said...

Oh I'm so sorry. poor little buddy!! He is so tough telling the nurse he's just fine...hello a broken bone ! One tough cookie he is. Hope he heals quick and keeps his spirits up. Hugs. What a busy and hectic day. I hate those kind. :(

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