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Sunday, October 20, 2013

The terrible twos have nothing on the 3s. When Tre was 3 he cried & cried, became Mr. sensitive.  When Britton was 3 he became destructive, breaking everything. When Maddox was 3...well not much changed because he was just an unhappy chap to begin with. he did however become fond of finding permanent markers and drawing on white furniture frequently. Presley is a combination of all these; destructive, emotional, & unhappy. Heaven help us, she is a firecracker. She has more spice in her than sugar & more sass then she knows what to do with.  She keeps things interesting. But you know, I can see little hints of that sweet little baby now and gain. I know we will get through the tantrums & screaming fits & the diva-tude, just as we did with the others. i can tell she will be such a smart smart smart girl. Just the other day we were getting ready for bedtime stories. I picked up a pinkalicous has a sleepover book (no surprise there) & Presley suddenly demands her princess dress and her pink sleeping bag. I started to say no, but then I remembered that lately Presley has been showing me lots of neat things if given the chance. and so I put her in her dress & gave her the sleeping bag. she put the sleeping bag under her arm and posed there. I waited, thinking okay, now its bedtime. but she started to laugh and flipped open the book that was in my hands to the first page and wouldn't you know it....there was pinkalicous in her princess dress with her sleeping bag under her arm. Now i realize...most moms wouldn't get all excited about this, but heres the thing... Presley cannot talk. She signs and finds ways to communicate with us. So this little glimpse into her sweet little mind just about brought me to tears. I squeezed her tight and told her she was so smart & looked just like the girl in the book. She looked so proud to share this little thought of hers with me. & for that brief moment...we were on the same page.


allegra said...

The threes are always worse for my kids than two, also! 3 is tough. Hang in there lady! I loved that she was communicating with you in her own way- so sweet and you're a great mom to take the time to listen. I too am always so rushed for bed thinking " hurry up..let's go, yo!!" "quick.. momma's tired!" hahaha. Anyway, look how good your kids turn out when they're older, despite the terrible 3's. Just a phase.


Kim-the-girl said...

3s are HARD!!! Bolton is getting more and more dramatic as the days go by and don't even get me started on CHURCH! Luckily he loves nursery. :) What a smarty little girl you have to communicate so effectively and right to your heart like that.

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