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Sunday, October 20, 2013

We broke out the costumes for the first time this spooking season. This year we have a Waldo, a miner, a doctor, a clown & a little charlie brown. The kids love the Annual halloween party at the neighbor's house. This year they played games, took pictures on this really high tech photo booth, & watched movies all while eating lots & lots of great food. Presley & our little neighbor miss C played together nicely. & Britt palled around with his class/neighborhood friends L & E. Tre stuck with the older kids & had a blast. Maddox found J's playroom & was in there having a great time in his cardboard fort. Poor Cooper is just not himself & was asking to go to bed most of the night so Rod took him home & put him down while I spent time with the girlfriends & let the kids play some more. The children crashed hard when we got home. Exhausted & happy.
ps: my clown who I thought for sure would love some face paint...was NOT having it. No way, no how! We will have to try again this weekend! more halloween events are headed this way! 

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Kim-the-girl said...

So cute! I haven't even begun some of the kids' costumes and your's are already wearing them! Fun, fun!

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