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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Things are taking a turn here. We have 3 in school. 4 in activities during the week. lots of activities actually. Britton is making big leaps in his feelings towards school. He has been bringing home all 100% this year & is really trying hard to be a big kid (even though his mom babies him more than she babies the babies. guilty.) Maddox is fully understandable & you would never know that just 18 months ago he was only humming. He is so much fun now...& I really thought I would never be able to relax around that fire cracker of a baby. He was a handful!  Presley no longer uses her beloved Choo-Choo (paci for the rest of the world) & can say "Esey" (a nick name of sorts) & just 2 days ago she said "I lub boo mama"  I cried. Tre is tre. Perfection. for example: At scouts last week they did not have enough parts to build tool boxes for all the boys. Tre said "I don't need one" & gave it up to his buddy. He has such a givers heart. He gives all he has to those around him. To say I am honored to have him as mine is a humongous understatement. & That leaves us at baby Cooper. That one hits his head at least 402 times a day as he tries out new tricks. One of his new tricks is putting himself to sleep. (I hope I do not curse it. its only been 2 nights.) He has a pile of choo-choos (refer to above) & his sleepy blanket, white noise machine of death & a nightlight. Some milk & a snuggle in the rocking chair & then I lay him down in his crib sans bouncing for 90 minutes. Ill need a new calves & thighs workout for sure.  He protests for  2 minutes & then hits the hay. He is such a happy guy.  So yeah. I feel like we are moving at lightning speed with all these milestones. 

Of all these great things I have to say Britton liking school more is the most exciting for our family. We have lost sleep over what to do with that sweet buddy. We talked homeschool, private school with smaller classes, we talked everything. & just when I thought hope was lost, he picked up momentum. he is so bright. He is in the gifted & talented program at school along with T. He just was not applying himself when it came to desk work. frustrating! Rod would say "This would be easier to deal with if the kid was a block head, but he is so bright & robbing himself of success." But now his folder comes home packed full of completed assignments with perfect scores on every single sheet. I can see the pride he is developing in his achievments. Today he came home with a gold star around his neck. it read "Super Star" because he is being the kid his teachers knew he could be all along. My heart was so heavy for so long over Britt & school...its a huge relief to see change. Someday you will read this Britt in one of our gazillion blog gone books & I want you to know that I am overjoyed with your efforts lately! You know how I pull you near & ask you who my special boy is? & you beam & look at me with those sweet bright eyes & you smile that toothless smile & say "I am." You really are! there is something undeniably lovable  about you...& its not just those darling "polkadots" on your face or your kissy lips either.  You took a part of my heart & reserved it just for you when you were put in my arms the first time.  You are my special boy. 


Kacee said...

So happy for Britt!!! And for you!! :) And I'm thrilled to hear that Cooper is putting himself to sleep. Way to be strong! :)

marie said...

Jenni, you are a SUPER Mom to five great children! Your life is so blessed with a wonderful family that you take time to listen, wipe tears, laugh and play games with. Love you.. xxoo

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