{Funnel cake}

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Just like last year (seen here) we headed over to our Elementary School's fall festival. Its such a neat fundraiser & so fun for all the kids in the area. This year Rod was able to come along. He was a good sport & helped take shoes on & off a gazillion times & shake silly string cans. I always enjoy it. Its madness keeping tabs on all the children, but I love seeing neighbors & friends & watching the kids be adventuress with rides & rock walls. Rod worked so hard to get us here for residency so the kids could go to school in this state, city & this very district. Its sort-a amazing. My dear friend & neighbor, Kerri puts this whole festival together. I really do not know how she does it! But I am sure she needed a good long rest this weekend! Presley tried out the rides this year & she ate it up!  I loved seeing her keeping up with the big brothers this time around. We finished up the evening with funnel cakes. The kids loved it all. 

After the festival I told Rod we needed to hurry home & get these kids of ours to bed ASAP. I don't think he got the ASAP part because he wanted to go get something real fast. What he did not know is that I had planned a date night for us & our sitters fabulous sitters were coming in an hour. I wanted to make it a surprise, but alas I had to  tell him so he would get us home.  We had a low key night out together, nothing fancy or big. Just what we needed in preparation for the long weeks ahead. We sure will miss that guy. I'm pretty sure I am done crying, oh wait...whats I'm not. 


Kim-the-girl said...

That looks like such a blast, though I'm not much of a fan of big crowds (with or without the kids). Is Rod deploying or something? I haven't heard what's going on... good luck with whatever it is. I will pray for you! :)

allegra said...

It's so hard when they're away. I am so sorry... But if anyone can do it. You can!! Allow those tears to flow and don't be afraid to ask friends or ward memebers for help if you need some "me" time. It's so hard for me to ask people for help.. like yesterday when I went to the dr and had to muster up the courage for a neighbor to watch Ruby... but generally people like to feel like they're being of service to people and helping out. Anyway, I'll be thinking of you this next month!! Cutest kiddos in those cute costumes.

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