Friday, July 05, 2013

Saturday morning the children were out of their beds early.
Bouncing from wall to wall.
Omah & Opah were coming & they were bringing donuts! 
As a child I am sure there must be no greater combination.
When we got word they were about 30 minutes away we took the the curb to watch & wait. 
Maddox picked weeds flowers for Omah.
Tre & Britt were occupied making up silly stories about this & that.
Presley played shadow & moved from place to place up & down our street as the boys did.

Omah & Opah arrived with said treat & the climbing & hugging & kissing began.
They had driven all night to get into the arms of our babies. 

The visit was short lived.
Sunday morning they left.
They left in the dark of the morning with very sleepy boys,
 T, Britty, & Madds. 
They left for the annual summer trip to Omah & Opah's house in Arizona. 
This year my parent's theme is 
"Camp Double O"
Tents were popped & even a faux fire & lanterns were in their bedroom when they arrived. 
My mom sends updates via photos. 
They are enjoying every second of it! 

I on the other hand cannot call or facetime them.
Mostly because ...
I cry like a big baby.

  Click here >>>> LAST YEAR'S TRIP

only thing is theres not much of mommy chilling it out like last year with just easy peasy Presley. 
Cooper has me bussssyyyy!  But I like it!  

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