{the usual}

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Tonight I did the usual.

I did every trick in the book to keep cooper awake until 6:30.
I read 5 pinkalicious books to Presley.
I sang "I am a child of God."
I kissed presley & adjusted her blankets just how she likes them.
I said sweet dreams & brushed her curls off her forehead.
I fed an exhausted baby boy.
I wrapped him up with just one arm out how he prefers to be.
I kissed his fingertips & his forehead.
I bounced him while the sound of the bathroom fan lulled him to sleep.
I gently moved his fingers from my shirt neckline as I lowered him into his crib.
I picked up little bracelets & forgotten graham crackers.
I wiped down table tops & put away crayons.  
I folded the load of whites that smell of bleach & lavender. 
& then what do I do?
I go & sit in T, Britt & Maddsy's room.
It still smells like them.
Bath bubbles & sunblock. 
I laid on Maddox bed for just a moment 
soaking in the moments of the day.
Simple moments.
Like Presley raiding the boy's "boy toys" 
(if there is such a thing.)
& the way cooper smiled so big when I gave him a rice cracker.
Like the drive I took the 2 littles on hoping 
cooper would fall asleep 
but instead cried through.
Or when I decided to treat Presley girl to a treat. 
I parked next to the menu & 
I invited her to unbuckle & climb into my lap to point at what  she wanted.
She picked an ice cream Sunday.
& the way she ate it all.
I like the usual
even if it means chocolate stains on newish shirts & 
the living room littered with toys rather than the 
playroom where they belong. 


allegra said...

I love reading about all those "usual" moments! So sweet. Those are the moments we will all miss when we're old! Haha. You're the cutest

Kim-the-girl said...

You are such a good momma.

Amy Houseman said...

beautiful post!

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