Tuesday, July 23, 2013

3 ipads
2 ipods
2 iphones
1 imac
1 television
1 wii...

so yeah. 
thats a lot of electronics.
a lot of distractions! 

Rod is on OB services right now.
helping woman deliver babes without pain.
He has Mondays off.
Which works great.
It means we get to visit the city hot spots without all the crowds. 

The kids got up & we threw them their suits 
& buckled them in the car.
We did not tell them where we were headed.
We did however tell them it would not be including electronics.

They were tickled when we started driving out of the city 
& down hilly roads past farms & into the tree lined gravel roads.

They played like the best of friends.
The river was peaceful & calming.
Sans distractions. 

I really try my darndest to keep the 
electronical (I just made that word up)  
use to a minimum,
but when cooper needs this or that & I am trying to juggle 
the needs of everyone & their stuffed moose...
Ill tell ya I let time slip by now & again. 

Our stolen Monday just reminded me how important it is 
to have these little siblings play, pretend & create together, so that they can build good relationships with one another now.

I'm going to do better at that. 
or try to anyways. 

& now 1 bazillion pictures of my children.
'cause they are cute.
& I love them. 


they have grown so much 
& we even have a new little nugget in tow. 


Kim-the-girl said...

Looks like SO much fun! And gorgeous!

allegra said...

looks like a pretty place! totally understand the distractions! sometimes they come in soooo handy though! P is so cute amongst all her brothers-- I love it. Pretty in pink... she's going to have so many protectors over her in the teen years with all those older brothers! That will make your job as parents easier, haha!! Those roots on those big trees are amazing! Love!

SSJNN Cannon said...

Thank you for the reminder to just take a day every now and again to reconnect without anything electronical. Loved it!

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