{the 4th}

Friday, July 05, 2013

We kicked off our fourth of July by completely missing the ward pancake breakfast & flag ceremony.
Sometimes things like this happen.  
Presley slept in (presley always sleeps in actually)
& cooper had gone back down for an early AM nap...
which lead to me falling asleep reading on the couch.

(all the while Rod is at work relieving women from labor pain.) 

After afternoon naps...
I figured it was time to actually dress myself & the children for evening.
Presley happily slipped into her red petti skirt.
She danced around pleased as a peach with her attire & her ability to make that big skirt swish.

We headed over to our neighbors house for dinner & fireworks.
Now...Texas takes its fireworks seriously! 
You don't go to a location & sit on picnic blankets & watch someone else set of fireworks. 
Oh no. Not here.
You buy those suckers for yourself & set them off in the middle of the street till all hours of the night.
Presley loved the sparklers & I loved how everyone was dodging our girl for fear of her starting them on fire. Ill go ahead & say it...I was afraid she was going to start ME on fire. 
When the big fireworks started to be lit, Presley found a safe place next to Miss Laura holding onto her hem for dear life.  
Cooper. Oh dear...Cooper....he slept through all the commotion! 
snug in his crib without any notice of the bombs going off right outside his window. 
funny baby. 
I know I say it all the time, but we honestly 
have the very best neighbors. 
you have a flat? they will change it for you in the sun in 100 degree weather. no problem.
Your sick? They will make you a meal or two or three. 
You need a sitter? they will have the kids over to play.
You need a tool or a bike tire pumped up? just come next door.
If this house just had 1 more bedroom....Id stay here forever.

& that is our independence day here in Texas.
The boys had a fun night with Omah & Opah 
in Arizona playing mini golf! 

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