Monday, July 22, 2013

Opah left first on a business trip.
Then a few days later Omah left taking Lucca along. 
I am usually the one who cries.
Maybe it was just too early for my tears.
But it certainly was not too early 
for this poor buddy to get all misty eyed.
45 minutes had passed before his slumped over sad-sack of a body
joined the rest of us in the family room. 


Kim-the-girl said...

Aw. Poor Tre. That is so sweet.

marie said...

Tre, It makes me sad to see you sad :-( It was hard for me to leave you and the kids behind but I will be visiting again soon. We had so much fun at Camp Double O and look forward to next year and doing the tents again. My heart is always with you and I whisper nightly to you and your family that I Love You. xxoo Enjoy what is left of the summer and always remember that I LOVE YOU with all my heart. xxoo
Love, Omah

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