Saturday, July 27, 2013

I am in way over my head.
& thats okay.
I know why I am doing this.
I know where I want to go.
I know where I want them to go.

When the day has hit its boiling point & the kids decide they are not friends after all
I see one thing.
It may sound silly...I see that big family picture.
Me & Rod silver haired in the center. 
Our children standing around us with their children; our grandchildren.(don't worry we are not all wearing denim-the canadian tuxedo its called, I believe.) 

I know why I am doing this.I am creating something bigger than right now. I am creating a family.

I listened to a parenting podcast the other night (I do that occasionally) & It was about relaxing. 
I walked away with some insight.

Our homes are not always perfect & fingerprint proof. (ps: stainless steel appliances? who came up with that bright idea??!) I am guilty of chasing messes.  I spend all day making sure everything is in its rightful place. I like my countertops cleared & shiny all day everyday. I know Im not alone in this craziness.  I know I have babies...I know they have goldfish, bananas, sippy cups & legos, tea sets & sleepy blankets. But really?? do they have to take over? Thats where I need to relax.

When we drive by a temple construction site, there is dust & there are pieces of materials yet to be used, there are tools & machines to help build the temple. When we see this we do not think to ourselves "what  a mess!" no, rather we think...that is going to be a beautiful Temple. I suppose life is like that. Its not always completed, there are piles of folded laundry that need putting away, there are lunch boxes that need packing, there are floors that need vacuuming....but that is because we are under construction. We are building something. We are building an eternal family. It can be messy. Making cookies with 4 extra helpers usually is. Watercolors can find their way to white shirts. Its okay. We are under construction. & When the construction is beautiful it will all be. 

So when the day gets loud and busy & I cannot keep up with myself...I think of that big family picture framed on my wall...of all of us when the construction is complete. 

I know why I am doing this.
I know where I want to go.
I know where I want them to go. 

(the podcast I refered to  & other super fun mom encouragement can be found HERE)


Kim-the-girl said...

Oh my goodness! I so LOVE this Jenni! Ieam, you always inspire me to be a better mom, but this is just speaking directly to my heart. Thank you friend, for being everything I hope to be someday!

devinandamie said...

So beautiful. I'm am going to make a sign that says: we are under construction- making something bigger.." or something like that. NO, no I'm not going to do that. But if someone does.. I will buy it from them and hang it on my wall. What a beautiful writer and thinker and mother you are. Thanks for letting me pop into your blog now and then. I feel weird as a stranger. Oh well! You are lovely and uplifting!

allegra said...

Jenny, I can't even remember how we found each other's blogs, but I am so glad to keep up with your cute family. I only have 2 kids and I feel crazy with their craziness and you have a lot more kids-- so yeah, I can imagine the messes, haha! You're amazing. Keep on keeping on. Not only do you have a lot of sweet adorable children but you're an amazing mom and person and this whole "under construction" thing just totally made my day. I am going to remember it forever. I love that. You're great.

Tamsyn said...

Jenny!! I love you! Thanks for this post! IT is SO true!!! and I feel you! I love your thoughts and insight and YOU!!! Miss you to pieces my friend! Thankful for your example!

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