{my saintly son}

Thursday, June 27, 2013

(our date night earlier this week.)

Tre is hiding out in "Omah & Opah's room" (thats right the kids have named the guest room Omah & Opah's room.) 
Its quiet time here, although to be honest..its more like "Maddox go back to your room" time. The child is much like his Daddy, cannot sit still. Nothing wrong with that.  
Tre, I am sure. has no idea how excited I get when I look at him.
The boy has success written on his forehead. I know that he is going to be something great in his life. 
He works hard, he gives all he has, he is smarter than most grown ups i know (myself included.) 
I miss him terribly when he is out of the house. Whether he be riding his bike up & down our street or, as in last weeks case. at scout camp. (he had so much fun! & my friend Aida, his leaders ent me tons of fun picture through the day of T & his buddy Tommy doing scouty stuff. archery, woodwork, bb guns, swimming, hiking. you know guy stuff.) 
Its very obvious when he is gone. He is my 3rd & 4th hands. 
I move a lot slower when I do not have my first by my side.
He & I are in sync. 
I tell him what I am fixing up for supper & he has the water boiling for me without me asking.
I love my son. 
My parents are kid napping the 3 biggers next week for 2 weeks of fun on the sun.  (its been 109 there lately. yikes!) I know I will be juggling without T here to take a ball or two.  
He is a saint.
Saint Tre. 

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