{spoiled rotten}

Friday, April 05, 2013

Our children are super blessed.
They have family that loves them...
& spoils them like crazy! 

Omah took Presley to Build a bear to deck out a stuffy of her choice.
Opah took the boys to the Lego store so each could pick a set.
I stuck with the girls.

We are not the type of parents to buy toys on a 
whim for the kids...They have to earn pretty much 
everything they get. 
which made this such a special & fun outing for the kids.
There smiles were huge.


Kalen said...

Love Presley's Easter stuffy!!! And I just love the last picture of the kids with their gifts!! We are very different on the toy aspect. I'm always buying Norah stuff on a whim. We will be the family with the screaming child in Target who wants a toy & I won't buy her one because I will buy her something every time we go out. I know, I'm bad!! :) I'll regret it someday, I'm sure.

Jenni said...

Kalen I was the same way with tre when he was a baby!!! No shame in spoiling your one & only!!!

Kim-the-girl said...

Oh I'm so glad to hear we aren't the only ones who make our kids earn things! Jonas has been so upset with us lately because he has to work to get "anything." We're chalking it up to pre-baptism drama, thank goodness we all made it to his big day and Satan can give us all a little break!

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