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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Easter bunny came Saturday to Omah & Opah's house since we would be arriving home on Sunday. The children were excited about all their treats. Chocolate was consumed all day...which lead to a super fun start of our drive back home. SUGAR! 

Sunday we watched THIS & talked to the children about how special a blessing it is to know that we have a savior. 

But let me back a up a few days. I grew up Catholic. not the kind that go on Easter & Christmas either...the real deal...Catholic. My parents did a wonderful job instilling faith in my childhood. my mother taught catholic education. My dad worked 2 sometimes 3 jobs so I could attend Catholic schools.  I am eternally grateful to them for that. I think of how many children do not have God in their lives & it breaks my heart. One observed holy day is "Good Friday." The day in which Christ died on the cross for our sins. My parents were going to Mass Friday night (as always) & I thought it would be a wonderful experience for Tre. Mass is beautiful; with its music, chants, prayers, candle light. On good Friday the stations of the cross are walked. Tre was glued to my side for the 90 minutes. His eyes bright with wonder. He asked great questions & I loved sharing a bit of my upbringing with my eldest. I also loved sitting in church with my parents whom I could not love more. Oh man I love them. 

our Easter eve & Easter morning....

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Kim-the-girl said...

I love this post! I know nothing of mass, but I think its great that you took Tre!

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