{Charlie & Sara}

Thursday, April 04, 2013

old friends can be so refreshing. 

This is Sara(8 years ago)

& This is Charlie (8 years ago) 

These two have been in our lives forever. Charlie had his hands in my joining the church & if that was not enough...also in Rod & I meeting & of course as you know...marrying. 
These two were there when Tre was born & we have referred to Charlie as "Uncle Chuck" since. 
These two now live 5 minutes from my parents in Arizona. Charlie & Sara's children call them Omah & Opah. We are family. 
These two will always be the dearest of friends to us. We truly love them like family. They do more for us then they know. 
These two invited My parents & us over to their new digs for play & visiting. 
here is Sara with cooper (currently)...

ps: Charlie & Sara...if we die you get them AAALLLLLL.....
start praying we live till they are all grown;) 


Kalen said...

haha... I love that last sentence! And I can't believe how big their little one has gotten. She was teeny tiny when I was living out there with Mom & Dad. OH MY GOODNESS... I guess that was 2 years ago! Crazy to think about how fast the time has gone!

Ben and Sarah said...

Thanks Jen! You are so sweet. You look great too so don't bash yourself! Your kids are so cute!! You guys look like you are always having a blast!!

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