{another sweet reunion}

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Can you even believe it?! In one month I got to see both Tamsyn & Laura, aaaalllllll the kids & Tamsyn's baby bump! 
Feeling like I hit the jackpot. 
Tamsyn & I planned to meet at my boy's favorite Arizona hot spot. The train park. 
The kids played & got good & sandy while Tamsyn & I "tried" to catch up. My mom & Rod were a big help & juggled cooper & Presley for me while I visited while playing referee. The kids rode on the train, & finished off the afternoon with ice cream cones & a carousel ride. we said goodbye with intentions of double dating later in the week. But wouldn't you know it?! Tamsyn & the 3 got sick. Boo! The good news is...Ill be back in July. 
so until then....

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Kim-the-girl said...

That is really awesome! So happy for you!

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