Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I love the kids' school, but man alive! why do they hate me?! This week Britt was star student of the week which meant a poster about britt (which I actually planned ahead & made & had printed at a print shop a few weeks back) & a letter about what makes him special (I made a book. no really a book with pictures that I read to his class. they loved it.) & eating lunch with the turkey & his 22 class mates. We also hosted a stuffed class pet, Clifford  & documented that too. 
 & then to top it off T had an economics fair where he had to make & market a product (non food item). we made lego soap which was super fun & cute. A poster was made for the day of the sale (again I had planned ahead thank goodness!) all money made goes to a charity here in the city. T had a blast & we brought Maddox with us to the school to see the boys & shop around. 
Thats a lot to do while prepping for Christmas, having birthdays & helping a newborn be happy.
but we survived...until Friday when class parties are in full swing!
We SO got this! 

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