--->>>> 3 weeks early

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Cooper is here.

3 weeks ahead of schedule.
pink & perfect.
the nurses nick named him the singer because he coos day and night.

after a week in the hospital off and on we are just glad to be home.
establishing a new normal as a family 1 baby bigger.

Cooper gave us a scare and stopped breathing, started shaking & turned a frightening deep blue.
blood draws, IVs, EKGs, X-Rays, vital check after vital check, and a big case of the momma bears.

details to come, pictures to come, but for now....
I want to snuggle our wee one and try to hit our nursing groove which was lost somewhere in the pediatrics wing of the hospital a midst cords and needles.

He is dreamy!


TJR said...

he is just beautiful. congratulations to you!

Ava said...

He's gorgeous! I'm glad that he is home and you are able to get into a routine now. That must have been so frightening! My heart goes out to you, thinking what a fright that must have been. Hope all is well now and you are recooperating. I just realized he was born on my husbands birthday. I'm sure it means nothing to anyone else, but I thought it was cool. :) Thinking of you and can't wait to see more pictures. Congratulations. Hugs! :)

Kalen said...

Welcome home sweet Cooper! I want to snuggle up with him!!

Jenni, I mentioned the Angel Care baby monitor to mom. We have it for Norah (and you can get it without the video), but if Cooper were to stop breathing it will set off an alarm. It may help you to sleep at night! Worth every penny!! I hope all is well & I can't wait to see more of that beautiful babe!

Tamsyn said...

Yeah to be home!!! He is perfect!!!!

Kim-the-girl said...

Oh Jenni! He is absolutely gorgeous!!! I'm sorry that you had to deal with such a scare though! Holy smokes I can't imagine! Congratulations on such a sweet heart baby boy! Wish we could meet him... someday!

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