{christmas morning}

Sunday, December 30, 2012

this was our first ever christmas just us.
Rod & I both decided we never wanted to do it again.
There is something so warming and comforting about being with family at christmas time.
We sure had a merry christmas though.

The children went to bed after we read scriptures, had a sing along & ate sugar cookies. we set some out for santa and put some carrots out for the reindeer. Rod had to work. So we decided to celebrate his birthday on christmas day after our big dinner. The kids made sure to taunt him with songs about his age though as he tucked the boys into bed. 

We got to work so that we could get to bed before santa arrived. around 11:30 i went to complete my rounds. checked on presley. stark nakey. to be expected. so i re-diapered and clothed the babe and gave  her curls a kiss. she looked darling in her new jammies from santa. next the boys room. 
i quietly started to open the door, but there was something...or someone in the way. T tried to be a sneak and scurry up his bunk, but he was caught! i assumed he was listening for the jolly fellow and gave him the eye while telling him to get his tale in bed! he obeyed but gazed out his open shades in hopes of spotting rudolph. 

We snuggled cooper a few moments more and nestled him into his crib in our room. 
we fell asleep after a busy day of for and play.

around 1am Cooper boy woke for a feeding. i wanted rod to have a goods night rest so i decided to go down stairs to nurse. and what did i find on our kitchen table? a spread! fruit salad, toast, waffles, juice. a breakfast! what sneaky elf had done this?! i knew right away! and i felt a bit bad for scolding him to get in bed. Tre had not stayed up to hear santa...rather to wait for mom and dad to hit the hay so he could surprise us with breakfast already made. my darling darling boy!

i finished nursing and playing with little toes and returned to bed with a big smile at the thought of what a sweet son we have.

morning came and the kiddos put on bathrobes and tore through their stockings, eating anything chocolate in their path. they did not slow as they opened present after present. Tre played santa this year as Rod was helping wee ones open, and i was bouncing a fussy cooper.

T loved his iPod mini and britton hit the lego jack pot! maddox played dress up right away as a knight. Presley had a tea party tree side with her new dolly, kit. cooper was content with his snuggles.
the big surprise for our kiddos was the piano. let the lessons commence! 

we sang songs and made a mess in the kitchen while little helpers cooked our christmas dinner.
Tre tapped out tunes on the piano...playing by ear silent night for us. 

we finally celebrated rods birthday and even made him feel better about it by putting some smaller numbers on his cake. not sure that worked however! he was still a bit of a grumpy gus about another birthday and the attention. love that man! 

it was magical! 
one of those days i understand heavenly fathers plan more clearly,
and fall in love with my family all over again. 




allegra said...

oh my gosh he was making you breakfast!!!! What a cute boy! I die. You guys are sure raising some sweet boys:) That is so adorable. I almost got that doll house for Ruby! too funny. You'll have to let me know how P likes it...maybe I'll get it on Ruby's bday or something. so glad you guys had a good day.

Kim-the-girl said...

Holy LEGO jackpot! That's amazing! My kids would die and go to heaven if together they got that many legos... I can't imagine ONE of them getting that many!

What a sneaky little sweetheart that Tre is. Love it.

Ava said...

That's a lot of Legos! My boys would be going gaga over that many Lego projects. Fun!
I love the pic of the 5 together. You have got a cute bunch of kids! :)

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