Monday, December 17, 2012

I am not at all sure how I will ever document our days with 5 kiddos. Holy heck I am busy. and sleepy. and busy. 
Cooper is darling, but a bit high maintenance by way of newborns. not to the degree Maddox was...but on his way down that road. he likes to be held and snuggled and nurse a bazillion times a day! I lloovvee nursing (no really, I do) but during the day when Presley is signing for chocolate milk and Britton wants me to play legos in our playroom I am sweating it. The word "wait" is becoming popular around here for the bigger 4. I  feel pretty rotten about it. 
A whole lot has been going on this month. sadly free time is rare, and i go to bed pretty darn early these using the computer is usually not on my top 5 things to do. 
which means I have important days & outings, & school projects that will most likely be polaroid style or unedited waiting to be recorded on this ole' blog, which happens to be my journal for the children.
right now I have a baby in twilight in my arms, and 2 wee ones napping & 2 at school (oh school. emotional feelings associated with that right now...for all parents I would think.) and so I'm gonna start with Coopers 1st outing. Eating at the food trucks. so fun and super good! Presley was afraid of the bouncy houses and would close her eyes tight hoping they would go away. hilarious. I even caught a picture of the silly girl doing it. 

I still have to type up the cooper birth & scare. Ill get it someday. maybe before 2013? maybe not?
thank the heavens above for my mom...who is saving lives, and potty training & feeding a family of 7. but more on saint marie later. 


allegra said...

you are super woman!!! you are amazing and you can do it!! Busy is...busy. But busy is the best way to be! Love your cute family. Glad your mom is helping. Love the pics--looks like so much fun!

Kim-the-girl said...

Busy and sleepy are good words to describe me too. :) I wish I was going to bed early!! I'm a bit excited for Christmas break this week so I don't have to get up and stay up for a couple weeks! :) Good luck getting through it all! And, yes, thank goodness for your sweet mom!

Ava said...

So sweet! You sure have your hands full. No complaints on the unedited pictures. Your kids will be so happy to have the stories and memories documented for them, they will never for a sec wonder why you didn't have time to edit! Love your big family. My wish has always been that I was from a big family with lots of siblings. With my sisters death, I'm became an only child of sorts, which really really stinks. So, I think it's so cool that you are making this big family for your kids and you. I can only imagine the joy and excitement your house must be filled with constantly. Thank you for still finding time to post. It's fun to read. Take care! :)

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