Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The biggest was not forgotten in the days following the smallest's birth.
Tre had his big 8th birthday!
He is itching to take the plunge and be baptized by his dad.
We prayed about it and decided as a family to wait till January for his baptism.
December has turned out to be pretty hairy & We did NOT want T's very special day to be lost.

For his birthday he requested AGAIN an ice cream cake. This year I ordered a cake. No santa scary cake for my big guy. I wanted the best around. & Cold stone had it.
We brought music mix CDs to Tre's friends at school & donuts too. We sang happy birthday a few hundred times.  He had french toast for always with a candle. Tre wanted to eat out so all 5 kids, Rod , Me & my saintly mother ate out. & thought I was on edge waiting for it all to fall apart..the 5 were pretty darn good! No yelling, no crying, no fits, no wandering. & I got to eat...sitting down. Yay me!   Rod even sang happy birthday in his mission tongue--Italian. T thought that was pretty fantastic! Rod played a prank on the 8 year old by wrapping up toys he already had. Tres face was priceless!

I love this kid. He is so stinking smart! He is in the gifted program at his school & is just the most thoughtful kid. He is my runner! what I need he gets & without a complaint! He even makes breakfast for the kids somedays--waffles. He has a huge heart & a big testimony. He has dreams & plans. I am so glad he is the one setting the bar for his brothers! He is the ultimate good example! I love him to pieces!  I am thrilled that he has chosen to be baptized! Such a sweet heart!


Told you my pictures would be unedited and pretty bland. But ya know...I have better things to be attending to...5 actually! 

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Kim-the-girl said...

I was just thinking how beautiful your pictures are... ha! Happy birthday to Tre! Jonas can hardly wait for his big plunge beginning of April.

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