Thursday, March 22, 2012

I have mentioned moose in a few other posts. He is a part of our family. He was originally a gift from my parents to Tre after a trip they took. But Tre preferred his red bear & so moose was left unattended. When Britton was about 18 months Moose was found & the two became inseparable buddies.
A few days ago Britt woke up in a start. His eyes filled with tears, his lower lip drooped & he said in the quietest, most pathetic voice ever "How could you have forgotten Moose's birthday?!" Funny thing is...I had no idea, in fact I am pretty sure we celebrated it around christmas. Sooo...while T & Britt were at school I found a way to integrate a moose party into family home evening. The kids made makeshift decorations with what we had in our craft kits & then Britt (who was in charge of treat for FHE) made a cake & all the boys decorated it. T wrapped up a gem from a cavern, a hershey bar & an old fast food toy for moose. When Rod arrived home we had our songs & lesson & then partied with moose..who apparently turned 2...although I distinctly remember celebrating his 5th birthday already. details was just fun to celebrate with our kidd-os.


allegra said...

a party for the moose?! how cute is that!! you know why I read your blog... you're always inspiring me to be a better mom! I hope and pray I'll be as good of a mom when I have 4 kids as you are to your babies. You're so beautiful inside and out. Happy Birthday moose! :)

Kim-the-girl said...

Amen and amen to Allegra's comment. We can all only hope to be as wonderful as you... by the way... I lost your phone number any chance you have mine. I'd love to chat. :)

marie said...

I think any reason for a cake is a good one! Happy Birthday Moose :-)

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