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Monday, March 19, 2012

Im getting a bit lazy here. but honestly I am just busy. I have 3 shoots Im editing, but promised myself that when i got home id be better about taking pictures of my very own brood & posting them. so In between editing other cuties during M & P's naps...I am posting easy pea-zy polaroid form. pop 'em in & out they come. I know. Lazy. anyhow...One of the hot spots we like to visit when at Omah & Opah's place is the train park. The kids get good & dirty & ride a carousel & train. The boys must of been in a mood because T & Britt were scaring me to death with their climbing. One of the forts has a balcony that is pretty far off the ground & Im happily snapping away...not even noticing that Britt is standing on the edge of a roof. nice. Good job Jenni. It made me laugh a bit, because that is typical Britt...risking his life..and typical me...not noticing until 4 days later. Britt & Maddox created a bit of a sand storm & that is about when we decided it was time to head home with 8 little shoes filled with sand.

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