{Skating on the roof}

Thursday, December 22, 2016

We went ice skating. In the desert. On a roof. It was such a fun night! The kids loved it. It wasn't unbearably cold and their were heaters and fire pits all over. The city lights were all around us & on the Cosmos big sign they were playing Christmas movies. It was the perfect way to kick off winter break. We went with our family here, the Keys family. Madds is an all or nothing kid. If he isn't perfect at something he is just not going to do it. I think he thought it would be super easy. He got on the ice and couldn't stand at all. He was pretty upset about it and called it quits about 4 minutes in. But after a few minutes we were able to get him back on the ice. He was so proud of himself! I was so glad he tried again. he was doing pretty good by the end. Presley was the best by far. She showed her brothers how it was done. I have really great memories of skating on ponds and lakes while growing up in New Hampshire. I loved giving our children a taste of that even if its in the middle of the city on a man made ice rink. Definitely something we will do again!
also...we gave Christopher a wheel chair. He has wanted one since before his birthday. He was super excited...his parents...maybe not as much! But we couldn't resist! haha...

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