Thursday, December 22, 2016

12 is a big deal here. When Tre turned 12 he was eligible to receive the priesthood. He has been so excited for this day. Now he gets to be in Young Mens & out of Primary. Its so fun that he gets to do all these fun service projects and play ball and learn new things with the guys in the ward. I hope he makes some really good friendships. His birthday was fun this year. He had a lacrosse tournament so we hired a sitter so Rod & I could just go and cheer him on without the distraction of littles. After a beautiful day of games and some capriottis  we headed home to have pie with the other children. I misplaced the birthday candles so we used a huge table top one. It was fun to laugh over that. He is such a sweet boy. Tre is just such a help in the home. He is truly a sunshine to all who meet him. I love our son so much. Rod was able to confer upon him the priesthood during the 3rd block at church. I bore a short testimony to the young men & bishopric. I hope Tre knows that he is treasured and an example to not just his siblings but to me.

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