{Coop turns 4. Prt 1}

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Holiday time is so busy. I have sat down at my computer seriously 1/2 a dozen times to post these pictures & I always get about a quarter of the way in when I need to go and do something or be somewhere. But today is the day! Rods grabbing the kids and I have 15 mins to sum up Coopers big day. He has wanted to go to Chucky Cheese since he was itty bitty, but it just never happened. I committed to him in October that this year we would go for his birthday. So the day after thanksgiving we headed to Chucky Cheese with Oma & Opa to celebrate our baby turning 4. He had a blast & his big siblings were such good sports and loved helping him win tickets. We left with a handful of plastic trinkets that cooper still treats like gold. 

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