{Madds gets baptized}

Thursday, December 22, 2016

I hate myself. I took like 3 pictures of Madds on his baptism day. I guess with the running around we did so quickly after wards I missed the opportunity to document all the people who love him! My Parents came up for the day, the keys drove up, The whites made time, & many ward friends came! The room was so packed some had to stand.  He is such a loved little guy! Ill have to dig through my pictures again to make sure I didn't miss any...I kinda feel like I did. It was a super special day! The night before Rod took Maddox into the playroom & they chatted about baptism & practiced how rod would lower Madds into the water. Rod came out from their little talk with a smile & said "He is ready." I have to be honest Maddox is a spitfire. He has so much personality & energy & love. But with that he is a passionate kid with a lot of questions that sometimes come across as just plain defiance.  We have come to learn that he needs extra explaining and patience. He has needed these things since the moment he was born. I wasn't sure he really was ready and was prepared to again be patient till he was. But he insisted he was ready. But I still was unsure...until Rod came to me and hugged me and said he is very ready to make these covenants.  It was a special moment. I am so proud of Maddox for making the decision to be baptized. A super fun thing about his day was that he was baptized on the same day as his two best friends.  One of them, he shared the same hour with. We had a fun video of the boys in pictures through the years set to primary hymns.  I was so moved as I watched the pictures of Maddox go one after the other. He was such a tricky baby & a wild boy, but love just radiates from him. I just love him! He was hand picked for me! I know this!

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