Thursday, December 22, 2016

At T's middle school Band is a required class. He has it every day which is pretty neat. He already reads music & plays the piano so the saxophone came super easy to him. He was able to choose his own & we went ahead and got one at a music shop rather than renting one from the school. I love when he practices, but I think we all still prefer the piano a whole lot more. Before winter break the middle school held a concert. We walked over to the school enjoying neighborhood lights all bundled up, because we are officially whips when it comes to anything below 60 degrees. The concert was super cute and amazing. Those kids were taught so much in just 2 short months. It was incredible! The little kids loved watching brother! Cooper was a disaster and was all over the place, but Pres danced, Madds watched big brother in awe, & Britt was really enjoying the Christmas music. We are proud of our biggest. Such a neat opportunity for all of us to cheer him on.

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