{Coop turns 4. Prt. 2}

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Coops real birthday fell on a Sunday so we spent a lot of time with church friends. The Primary sang to him & his sweet teacher brought him a birthday gift. He loved all the special care he received at church. when we got home the kids climbed into their jammies and then we gave Cooper his birthday present. The children are always so excited for one another when they open gifts. So eager to help & play together. He is 4 now & I am still struggling with wether or not to add more babies to our family.  This is a huge gap for us. I pray a lot about it as does Rod. I wonder if i will just never really feel done. I love our babies so much how could I ever want to be done? 

We recently were given my Mom's guitar from her younger years. with 4 kiddos in school this year I have been spending time playing the piano and trying my hand at Presley's ukulele. So My mom thought we might enjoy having the guitar in the home too/ We plan to take it for repairs to a local music store. Tre & I are very excited to get it ready to play. Coop just looked so cute playing (with) it last weekend.  Music does not come naturally to me...its definitely something i have to invest a lot of practice into, but I love it. I love learning & improving. Tre & Britt on the other hand just have the gift of music! Its really magical watching them.

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Kim-the-girl said...

I have the same struggle!! I just wish someone would just tell me, "no more babies for you!" For health reasons or something just so I would KNOW! Your babies sure are blessed to have you. Good luck with the guitar... Can't wait to hear you play some day. 😊

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