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Monday, April 06, 2015

I am a one track mind kind of girl. When I have a task to complete I get right to it & I cannot stop till its done. Last week I missed just about every single ward activity & even woman's conference. We were pulling down our storage bins from the attic when it dawned on me that I was not supposed to be in sweats getting dusty. I listened to the session the following Monday, but there is something special about putting on a dress & going to the chapel with all the other sisters in the stake. Next year.  My mind has been on our move. Its coming fast. 2 months & we will be watching Rod graduate from his Anaesthesia residency here in Texas. I remember the night we arrived here like it were last week. The house was big & empty & we had so much excitement for the memories we would make here. We had no idea on that night that we would live next to the nicest neighbors who would become family. We had no idea our boys would love their school so much. We had no idea the children's speech therapist would be so important in our week. We knew we would be blessed, but we were nor prepared for how much. Being happy here has been easy. Leaving here will not be. But new adventures await. We have been happy everywhere...this time around will be no different. 

I have been feeling extra sentimental because of the changes coming our way so soon. My camera has come along to just about everything. The other night we went to the food trucks with some families from church, one of which is a family that has moved away, but was in town visiting. We love the Schell family! I can say they were our favorite double date friends. Its always nice when they pop into town! The sky was amazing, & the children enjoyed the bouncy house, music & playground. 

But, these first few pictures are of my wildest! Madds is truly the cutest nightmare of a child! Just hard! But we try & try & try. One day he & I will go a whole day with no tears from either of us. I know that he is going to teach me my most valuable lessons in life. He already has taught me so much. 

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Kim-the-girl said...

I didn't know you were moving so soon. It's always hard to leave a place and people you've come to Love so much. But you are right you will be happy at your next adventure! I'd love to hear where you're headed. Prayers for you and yours! Love you, friend.

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