{The Fiesta Pose}

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I cannot believe that this is our last (for now) Fiesta. Its such a neat & exciting celebration. Word on the street is it brings more tourists than Mardi Gras?! This city is just perfect. It has so much for families. The schools recognize Fiesta so it is a long weekend for the kids. Today the children had little fiestas of their own at school. The kinder kids had a parade with floats they made. Maddox of course made an Aquabat float. Because that concert we took him to forever ago is still like a dream to him.  Tomorrow we will party with the street. Keeping traditions! 
Presley loves her fiesta paper flower. She was the belle of the bus. All the kids were going gaga over her. I can tell she likes the attention. She walked up to all her brothers once we arrived home & would ask them "Don't you just want to look at me?!" She is so much like I was when I was little. I'm not sure if that is good or bad. A few pictures down Presley is giving me two middle fingers. i had told her to do a fiesta pose. Yikes. I am still laughing at that one. She has no idea of course. 

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