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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ive said it before, but growing up so near to family really helped me feel secure & loved! I grew up visiting my Aunt & Uncles house every other weekend & our cousins, Dana & Craig, came to ours on the alternating weekends. Craig & Uncle Kevin came for a visit. The children really love spending time with them! They made Uncle Kevin read books, play with dolls, build Lego's...the poor guy was busy from the moment he came in the front door. The highlight of their visit was meeting Craig's darling fiance, Katie. She's this tiny package of beauty & kindness. Just perfect for Craig. Craig as a little kid was tender hearted & much more mellow than his big brother & I. Craig & Brad were more alike. the calmer ones, the babies of the family.  The children loved having family visit. I am so grateful they took the time to visit us on their cross country trip. We are all really excited that Craig & Katie, & our family will be moving only 3 hours apart from each other. It will nice to see more of them, & when Aunt Carol visits Craig...maybe ill sneak in a visit too! 
phone pictures to follow...

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Kalen said...

Why is everyone moving further away from us?? :( I wish you were staying in Texas and Craig & Katie were moving here. I'm soooo bummed that we finally got to Texas and you guys are leaving. :( Can Rod reapply to stay here?? ;)

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