{drop out}

Friday, April 10, 2015

You are looking at a dance school drop out. My heart still speeds up when I think about it. I am a finisher. When I start something...I WILL finish it! The idea that Presley just was not at all feeling something she had committed to was a big struggle for me. But after some talking & praying & talking some more, us girls decided we would try again next year if she wanted to. Its a real bummer because the recital is in 2 months, the costume is hanging upside down in her closet getting fluffier by the second. So I will doll her up & take her picture in that dang costume & try to convince her she wants to be a ballerina for halloween. She is 4. She has a lot on her plate as it is with school & therapy. I didn't want something that was & could be fun again to become a big deal. So we bid farewell to the tap shoes & ballet slippers for a spell. She still dances at home every single second of the day though. & that makes me smile. Also...I blame it all on not getting into Ms. Kirsten's class! 

This picture is killing me! I swear she is holding an itty bitty flower in her fingers! 


Kim-the-girl said...

I can see the tiny flower! Eliza likes to bring me tiny flowers from our yard, they're orange with people centers and just as delicate and beautiful as you can imagine.

Kalen said...

OH MY GOODNESS, THAT DRESS!!! Too stinkin' cute!!!

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