Friday, March 27, 2015

 The days are growing longer & the itch for summer has started to set in all of us. 2 months and school will be out. 2 months and the daily uniform will be swimsuits & shirtless little boys, bedhead & dirty feet from playing in the yard. I'm a sentimental girl. Always have been emotional & teary eyed at cute babies & beautiful lyrics. Yesterday some of the children on the street were in the yard playing. Watching them chase each other, listening to Avery's sweet laugh, seeing Madison look after Maddox...of course the tears came. Teary eyed I grabbed my camera to capture them now. Just as I have the spring of last year, & the one before that, & before that. 4 years has flown by. 4 years has changed babies into toddlers, toddlers into little kids, little kids into big kids.

1 comment:

Kalen said...

Oh my goodness! Watch out, mama! Tre is surrounded by girls!! ;)

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