Wednesday, June 11, 2014

After Maddox was born we thought we were done. Obviously we were not because 2 more sweet babies joined our family. I think now how silly we had been to think we were done & not try for a baby girl. We had no idea how absolutely incomplete our lives would be without pink. This past weekend My Aunt Carol joined our family & My mother for Presley's recital. We smiled & laughed. I can say that Presley's number "Baby Face" was the crowd pleaser of the show because the girls were yelling out the steps with all their might. they were little dance teachers on stage. "BOOGIE WOOGIE. STEP TOGETHER. MARCH." The crowd of 500 was rolling. The boys were so so good! they sat & watched on the edge of their seats. Asking when it was sissy's turn.  The boys gave Presley flowers & they all beamed so proud of their baby sister. Maddox & Tre gave flowers to the little friends they had in the show too. We all had a wonderful time! Presley most of all! So much so that we decided to enroll baby girl in a summer session at her dance school. 


Kalen said...

How cute is her outfit?! I cannot wait to get Norah into dance! I love little girls & pink! 💕

Kim-the-girl said...

She is seriously sooooo cute! So glad you were wrong about being done!

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