Thursday, June 12, 2014

Saturday turned into a super busy day. We made it home from the recital in time for our little neighbor, L's birthday party at his karate school. The boys had a great time playing games & eating donuts with neighborhood friends. During the birthday party, there was talk of an impromptu get together at the circle. we pulled our chairs out & brought out some watermelon. The kids got filthy. Typical. Cooper was strutting his stuff up & down the street like he owned the place. He seems less & less like a baby to us every day.  My Mom & Aunt were welcomed with friendly smiles into our circle of camping chairs. H. did magic tricks for the kids. Little M loved the tricks best of all. at one point an item was magically hidden in Coopers pocket. The evening breeze was pleasant & again I fell in love with this wonderful little street & its residents. 

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Kim-the-girl said...

You are beyong blessed...and you deserve every bit of blessing that comes your way.

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