Sunday, June 01, 2014

Brad & Kalen were able to get in their new house sooner than we all had anticipated. It was such a great visit so it was hard to see them go. They left on the stormiest day we have ever had here in Texas. It was pouring complete with tornado watches & warnings. I am hoping that when the kids get out of school we can go bombard them with our crew. 


Kim-the-girl said...

How exciting for all of you to be so close now! I remember those Texas size storms. Thank goodness no one was hurt, I've seen some might big hail during some of those crazy storms!

Kalen said...

Oh man! Thanks for posting these pictures! Time for me to go on a serious diet! A month of fast food ruined me! On a happier note, we hope you'll be able to visit when the kiddos are out of school. We miss you already. And the sun was shining once we got past Austin (thank goodness... I was so nervous for the trip in the rain with the trailer).

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