{7th morning}

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Britton had his 7th birthday. 7 seems so big. This past year started out so hard. Britton spent much of the first month of 1st grade hiding and trying to escape from school. He finally hit a stride in october just in time to get his first report card. Straight As! & straight As on every report following! 6 was a year of big changes for our Britt. He really grew up & showed us just how creative he is. He has always been our dreamer. I love that about him. So on that are Britts top 10 favorites in no particular order....1. cheeseburgers  2. plants vs zombies  3. pajamas  4. reading when he should be sleeping  5. mine craft  6. lacrosse 7.  drawing out stories 8. cooking  9. dogs 10. saturdays

A few phone pictures of his birthday morning. It was great having Omah here for the big day. The big ticket gift was a Boogie Board. its an amazing doodle pad. Britt loves it! Thanks Omah & Opah! 

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