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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

(a few days before Britt's birthday) 
Britt is such a tender kid. He hardly makes a peep, but when he gets to talking he can go for days. We thought a small outing would be more fun for him than a big party. We gathered the 1st grade boys on the street, 2 of which happen to be in his class at school too, & I took them out to Britt's favorite burger joint. Those boys were hilarious! They are all such good buddies. They all have such big hearts! On the way to & from dinner they took turns adding to a story. They chatted like I wasn't I got a good idea on what 1st grade boys think about. Mostly mine craft & bikes. I loved watching Britton interact with his buddies. I think of all my little guys I worry most about Britton. He lives his life in a world of drawings & block creations. He is our dreamer. I love that about him. His stories and ideas are grand. Taking him out with friends eased those worries. He joined right in with the boyish jokes & boyish banter. He fit like a glove amongst our 7 yr old pals. They played duck duck goose but rather than saying duck they said silly things like ketchup or mustard. They thought they were pretty darn clever. They clanked their paper cups & said cheers. It was cute. Id take these 4 out again in a heart beat. Britton had the best time! 

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