Monday, December 09, 2013

I love watching home videos. Every Christmas I video my sprouts trimming the tree. I fussed all day about whether or not to keep Cooper up for the decorating.  He is such a busy little guy. Into everything at all times. We rig up kitchen chairs to block off areas of the kitchen.  Gates up, & doors shut tight. He wants to know about everything. We have had to not only baby proof this home, but cooper proof it too. In the end we decided to put baby cooper to bed first. He is such a fun little guy & would have loved digging through ornaments & all together redecorating the front room, but we wanted the 4 biggers to enjoy the moment & not be worried about ornaments being pulled off the tree or water from the tree stand spilling from 10 little busy fingers. Its sad he was not in this footage, but there will be more Christmases to come.  Next year buddy!

Here it is...our tree of 2013... & who are these grown children? No way those are my babies!!

(also let it be known that I have gone back & corrected the "Whom" at the end 3 times & each time it magically re appears. I give up. Don't judge me too harshly.) 

Decking the Halls 2013 from Jennifer S. on Vimeo.


Amie Orton said...

love your videos. inspired me to make a video too! Well, sometime. :)
Love your motherly sentiments too. Motherhood is so sweet.


Jen said...

You are such a great mom! Your kids are so loved and cherished; you are an inspiration! Xoxo

allegra said...

Oh I have always loved and remembered you xmas tree decorating videos from the past!! This one is just as sweet and memorable. I loved every second. Especially the last footage of them sitting down and hugging by the tree. What sweeties you have. Now come teach me how to video edit! I'm the worst.

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