Monday, December 02, 2013

Growing up my family always had a real tree. We would go to the local farm stand just 5 minutes up the street where we bought produce and honey during the summer, pumpkins in the fall & the family tree at christmas time. We knew the owner well. Merrimack, New Hampshire was smaller then.  Rumor has it there is an outlet mall now. I cannot imagine that. The smell of the sap & the needles was always so intoxicating. It was the smell of christmas. When Tre was a baby & we lived in Utah we had a dinky real tree each year. The smallest on any lot. After we left Utah, my parents gave us their fake tree. It was pre lit, convenient & best of So we used it. We bought christmas-ish room spray, but nothing can mimic the aroma of a real fir tree. Last year that old fake treat started to look a little worse for wear. we made it work, but we all knew it was that trees last hurrah. This year Rod suggested a real tree. We agreed & took the kids out to find our tree. The scent caught the children's attention instantly! they were excited by it. Stopping to smell the different kinds of christmas trees. We all decided the classic fir tree smelled the loveliest. We picked one out, it was trimmed up & tied to the roof of our white mini van. The children were so excited. It reminded me of my own childhood. Im certain both Rod & I are fully converted to the real tree from now on. at least for one of the trees in our home. Its such a nostalgic thing...the smells, the cold air, the finding the perfect one, & in the boys case...playing hide & seek amongst the rows of green. This family of mine is something special. I don't want to miss a single moment. I am afraid to blink. 

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Kim-the-girl said...

I'm about ready to start this tradition with our family. I haven't had a real tree in YEARS!!! You make is sound so magical!

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