Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas eve included the children playing with friends outside & Christmas movies during the daytime. When the sunset we all settled in to read the story of our Savior's birth. The children put the nativity set together as we read the story. The children were busy as we read, but i am often reminded that they may not seem to be hearing anything, but they are feeling something. 
My sweet husbands birthday falls on the 24th, but he HATES his birthday! So often he says what he wants most of all is NOTHING! party pooper! But we had to have a cake & candles. He made a wish.  & the kids hugged him and kissed his cheeks. I shared a story on my instagram feed on his birthday & I want to record it here too... so here's a little copy & paste action...

''Today is his birthday. Christmas Eve. I feel particularly proud of this man today. Here's a little story about the birthday guy. Sunday rod was driving back to his month away. 40 mins into his drive he spotted a man and 2 little ones with back packs walking. There was nothing for miles so concerned,rod stopped. Looonnnggg story short the guy was walking with his 5 & 6 year old from SA to Houston! Rod drove them to Houston fed them meals along the way and when Rod asked where they would be staying the man said he did not know anyone in Houston and only had a dollar in change. Rod called shelters with the hospital (the one he works at currently) social worker and none had vacancy. Rod made a judgement call after spending the entire day with this little family, and put the three travelers up in a motel and gave them as much money as our budget could allow. We decided to not give gifts to each other for Christmas and our birthdays to compensate for the surprise to our finances. I can not think of a better birthday/Christmas gift than a loving man who thinks to help others. I love him!''

It was a fun Christmas eve & we were grateful to be together! 
Santa brought new jammies as always also! 

tracking Santa via Internet

 This year Rod & I decided to start a new tradition of gifting the kids with glass blown ornaments. Each year the children will get a new one. The boys were particularly excited! 

 we put out chocolate peppermint cupcakes, milk & carrots & went to bed to wait for santa. 

 A stuffed racoon for our very own baby raccoon! 

Ready for christmas morning! 

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Kalen said...

We give a new ornament every year, too! It used to be that Brad and I would get eachother one, but now we have decided to just put one in Norah's wooden shoe each year (and future kiddos). We try to find something that represents a milestone in the year... this year Norah got El Chupacabra because Planes was her first movie at the theater. :) It's one of my favorite traditons!

Happy Birthday to you & Rod!!!

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