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Sunday, December 08, 2013

When we had our little cupcake party with neighbors I made a slide show of the 3 birthday boys. I have so much love in my heart for these children. They are growing & learning & becoming so much of who we hope them to be. Looking at the old pictures of Tre are particularly HARD! He is growing so fast. I am afraid to let time slip past us. I want him in arms reach always. 

(some fun tunes on this. tear jerkers for mommas.)

Happy Birthday Boys! from Jennifer S. on Vimeo.

Somedays can be so incredibly loud and crazy. & I get crazy myself. I feel like an absolute crazy woman when I am trying to get dinner/baths/homework done all at the same time. I forget to smile sometimes. I forget to brush my fingers through their blonde hair as i pass by them to sharpen a pencil or turn on the oven.  I forget to remember that this season of my life is fleeting. Its short. Much too short.  
I think because Cooper looks so much like Tre, its such a stark reminder that the children grow up so quickly. Tre used to be 1 and smiley & warm in my arms. How did almost 9 years race past me? 9 years left till he leaves for his mission. 9 years left to tuck him in, to check on him at night, to send him off to school with a prayer, to make his breakfast, to pack his lunches... My heart aches for Baby Tre. Motherhood can be very hard on the heart in that way. 

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Kim-the-girl said...

This is a great reminder to me to enjoy today. I'm stuck in a grumbling rut lately, full of lost shoes and messes... I need to do better at remembering to enjoy it all. Thanks, once again, for your amazing example.

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