Sunday, December 15, 2013

The biggest turned 9 last week. I got maybe 2 pictures of him because he was down & out with something yucky that has hit his elementary school. kids are dropping like flies.  He felt so gross that he wouldn't touch his cake & did not want to go see Dr. Thad for a dentist appointment (who would pass up a dentist appointment on their birthday?? geesh!) Tre layed in my bed playing with his new personalized rainbow loom case & watching christmas shows. I felt bad for him. The brothers gave him presents & we did the breakfast pancake tradition. after school the kids sang to Tre & they ate his cake while he watched. It was a low key kind-a day. Every neighbor kiddo cam ego the door looking to play with Tre.  Thats how you know he really is not well..when he turns away from 
playing outside with friends. 
Tre is such a fun kid! I enjoy our drives to appointments together. He has so much heart! He sees when people need extra love or patience & he gives it. Anytime we are out at least 1 person will mention how sweet our oldest is to his siblings. He is. He gets right down to their level & talks sweetly with them. He is often the Presley whisperer. she may not like what i have to say, but when Brother says it...she quickly complies. He thinks ahead & has big big dreams for his life. Maybe not big to the world...but to his Mom they are big. A mission, college, a family with lots of kids. Sounds perfect to me. He is a master chef in the kitchen. He surprises us with breakfast & loves to help with baking. His specialty is his sauce. He has such a good group of friends that I love (& I love their mommas too.) He likes to read & prides himself on good grades. He has never received anything below a 92. The day he gets a B he will crumble. I always tell him to just give it all he has & we will be proud! I said to my mother on the phone the other day that Britton had pulled me in for a hug & said "I love you because you are the nicest mommy."  When he said this I cried. Not happy tears, but tears of remorse. I had just flipped out over whatever mess it was that time. I felt completely unworthy. In telling my Mom about Britton's tenderness towards e I told her that Tre is the hardest! I look at him & I see such a special special soul. Why was I ever interested with this beautiful person. He is an angel. We have called him that for years. Nothing has changed. He just gets better & better each year. I told my friend Kacee last night that I want to keep Tre is my pocket forever. 
If only. 

And since Tre was sick I was sneaking around snapping pictures of the kids playing & the firetruck with santa visiting the hood, Maddox & Presley GETTING ALONG!! (I had to document that!) & this & that. Basically its a bunch of random pictures. 

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