Sunday, December 15, 2013

Santa visited our Ward Christmas party this year. The kids lined up & sat on his knee. The bigger boys all swore they would reveal who this santa truly was. Of course none of them actually did. All talk! They are all too sweet to do anything that rambunctious! The food was catered by Rudys BBQ  (a S family favorite!) & Tre loved it so much that he brought a plate go ham & cranberry relish home with him. Tre played one of the wise men with his two buddies, Josh & Nate.  Josh & Nate live in our neighborhood & are in scouts with T too. I love that Tre has good guys to goof around with. Rod ended up sicker than sick so he stayed home & I had put Presley & Cooper to be at 6 it was just me & the three.  It was nice to focus on them & mingle with friends hands free. We ate with some other late comers in the very back of the cultural hall, but when your sitting with some favorite friends its no big deal! After the church shindig I threw the boys in bed & ran down the street to a craft party my good friend Rhonda was hosting. She is an amazingly talented lady. The food & company was the perfect night out. 
The holidays are in full swing here! 


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