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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Kinder is a hoot at B's school. 
The things they teach those littles is just incredible. 
to wrap up the year the kinder kids had a fairytale ball.
Each boy & girl dressed as their favorite fairytale character.
Britt has always loved the story of Jack & The Beanstalk.
So we made him into the beanstalk & then applied a 
cutout picture of Britt as Jack. 
Britton thought it was way too fun to be both jack & the beanstalk at the same time. 

The kids had a treat & then danced to some fun music.
After about 10 mins of visiting with other sweet moms & taking pictures with friends Britt & I agreed...
it was time to sneak out.
But first we had to get T from his class so we got his attention & we all left school a hair early to go get frozen yogurt to kick off Britton;s birthday weekend! 

So relieved that all these presentations are done...
I have been running! 
Next week is end of school year parties 
& making our summer bucket list! 
we are ready! 

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