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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The kids love their Dad. 
Who doesn't? (love their Dad or Rod?) 

When T was born he was not sure what to make of him.
He was this fragile little 6 pounder with lots of needs.
When Tre had his first smile. 
It was given to Rod.
That sealed the deal. Best buds.

Britt arrived & was such a sleepy little thing.
Rod would arrive home from medical school 
and drop his bag & head straight for our always sleeping baby.
He loved rocking him by the window next to our bed.
Britt's favorite playmate is his Dad. Legos anyone?

Maddox. Oh geez.
Rod has had endless supply of patience with our 3rd.
When Maddox was born he was born crying SCREAMING.
(not much has changed)
But Rod would swaddle that baby up tight 
& let me have a run to every night.  
Rod would "shh shh shh" and bounce bounce bounce.
Just tonight Maddox was at top volume at the dinner table.
Rod reminded him we should talk softly with a smile. no yelling. 

Our girl was born & the man who swore up 
& down that he only wanted boys
was smitten! 
He fell hook line and sinker for that sweet round face.
He supported my bow making addiction.
& could often be found just staring at the sweet girl we thought we would never get.
He often would stop by Gap to search the sale racks for a new dress for his daughter.
He was in his groove as a father & Rod was proud of his brood.
especially his pretty Presley. Or Diddy as he calls her.

With years of experience under his belt he is now the busy father of 5.
The uncertainties he had with our first newborn long gone.
He handles cooper like a pro. 
He has even started to change a diaper or two ;) 
He kisses bellies and tickles toes better than anyone I know.
(I know a lot of toe ticklers.) 

It melts my heart to look at the father Rod is. 
He is pretty fantastic.
I pray every night that our boys will be much like their Dad as men.
That would please me. 


I used my no-skill-video-making abilities & put my kids in front of the camera to make this for their Dad for fathers day.
I loved hearing the kid's talk about their dad. We love him! 
(spoiler: Presley is a nut & Rod likes country music.)

(turn my wacky blog music off first at the bottom of this page.) 

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