Sunday, June 02, 2013

June 1st. 
The day we know as Britton's eviction day. 
The baby just would not come into the world 
& so with the aid of doctors...he was evicted. 

As a baby he showed us exactly who he would be as a boy.

He is my sweetheart. 
I will whisper in his ear... "whose my special boy" 
He will get his big toothless grin beaming & point to himself.

This birthday...
George Strait ruined Britt's birthday dinner.
geez George! 

The entire city was at a stand still in traffic & I swear to it...every parking garage had NO vacancies.
George was in town. 
So we gave up.
Britt came up with a plan B...and like his usual self...was easy to please.
He wanted 5 guys hamburgers. 
not exactly the special dinner he had originaly requested...but he loved it just the same. 
& I loved that there was parking. 

We did our traditional birthday breakfast & presents in the morning too.

& the real treat of the day....
this video my mom & dad made since they were not here for Britt's 6th. 
We have watched it over a dozen times. its not old yet! 

Now that is love! 

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Kim-the-girl said...

Oh he is so dang cute!!! I think you should save him for my Eliza... Wouldn't they have the most adorable kiddos. :)

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