Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our she baby is looking bigger each day.

even though she still easily fits into the 18-24 month sizes most days.

Her 3rd birthday fell on a friday.
a friday that her Daddy was scheduled to work a 24 hour shift.
We decided to postpone the festivities until the following day.

She had us sing to her several times & insisted we relight her candles each time.
Presley is enchanting.
sensitive, yes. 
sassy, sometimes.
sweet, always.

we still say we wish she were a twin. We could happily raise 2 Presley girls. 

The morning consisted of donuts, candles, presents & 
one very exhausted father who had just worked the night shift.
But he wanted to be up for her birthday breakfast.
A good man indeed.
& let me make note that he has carried on the tradition..
flowers for our baby girl with a note to keep. 
it melts me how much he loves her, & her him. 

She hesitantly opened her new doll house decor & people from her Omah & Opah. 
We brought her doll house down from her nursery & she played house while
in her new nightgown & her curls tosseled about from the night. 

After nap time we took the children out for dinner.
The restraunt was NOT a hit. 
Presley clung to me for dear life & the boys were even nervous. 
(but the most fun part: we asked for no onion for Rod's meal & they slathered it with onion...& he is allergic. yikes.)
We dragged our selves home after a not so succesful meal out with 5 wee ones & sat down to birthday cake for presley. & then moose decided it was his birthday too...& so we sang to him too. 


Presley has had a rough few months.
Anemia has kept her pretty darn lethargic. 
Right now She is not a typical playful girl.
She is serious. 
very very serious.
She wants to sit in her spot on the couch & thumb through pinkalicous books all day.
When I take her outside, she will find q piece of chalk and silently draw.
When we go to the pool...she fills her watering can & pours water by the pools edge.
I pray she will living up soon.
her juice each morning is a cocktail of supplements.

that aside...

she is my perfect dolly.
I love that sweet baby.
I do. 


Hill Family said...

Happy Birthday Presley! We relate to the long shifts. June and July are yucky months for third year residents while the interns get orientated!
She is positively beautiful!

Kim-the-girl said...

Presley is such a doll! Happy birthday to that sweetheart of yours!

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