{typical day}

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Its up, its down, it unpredictable.
& I love it.

(yup more phone pictures. My hands (and heart) have been extra full these days.)


Kim-the-girl said...

Phone pictures are great! And I can totally relate, my phone is taking lots of our photos as well! Cooper is so sweet and I love the little mommy!

marie said...

I love that Presley feeds her baby. So sweet sitting in Cooper's chair :-) You are are best Mom with so much love to give :-)

allegra said...

they're so lucky to have you! phone pics are better than no pics! Totally get it and i'm the same way. I have way too many phone pictures. Are you on instagram?

allegra said...

that first picture is so sweet. i love the little hand on his head. He is so lucky to have so many great older sibs looking out for him. love all these sweet picts.

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